Sustainable Beauty Awards

Sustainable Ingredient Award

This award is given to a cosmetic ingredient that makes a sustainable difference in terms of environmental and / or social impact. The ingredient could have a lower environmental impact by cultivation / harvesting method, synthesis or application. Such materials can be novel ingredients, produced from renewable feedstock, or from a new extraction / processing method.

The winner is Actera Ingredients with ILOX+. This year, there are two runner-ups: Mibelle Biochemistry with Black BeeOme™ and ROELMI HPC with Emotion ® Light. The finalists are Döhler YuraQ, Olvea TrueShea™, and Swedish Algae Factory Algica

You can read the 2020 Sustainable Beauty Award press release here.

Entries to the next Sustainable Beauty Awards will open in June 2021.


Organised by:

Ecovia Intelligence


Tuesday 3rd November 2020

Five Categories:

New Sustainable Product

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Ingredient

Sustainability Pioneer

Sustainability Leadership

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